About Golden Sea (Cold Storage)

Established in 2006, Golden Sea has experienced in advanced technologhy for cold storage products over a dacade. With more than 200 skilled employees, Golden Sea is one of the main players in offering advanced technological machines for cold storage products in the market. Golden Sea owns and operates an extensive Hygienic Sorage Area to product and keep the products with these advanced technology machineries.

Our Facilities

  • We have
    • 150 x 2 Nos metric ton capacity cold stores
    • 350 x 2 Nos metric ton capacity cold stores
    • 750 x 2 Nos metric ton capacity cold stores
    • 800 metric ton capacity cold stores
    • contact plate freezers
    • air blast freezers
    • IQF machine
    • Flake ice making machine

Fresh Sea Food


  • Production Capacity: 3.95 MT/ 90 min
  • Contact Plate Freezer: 0.5 MT/ 90 min bach x 2 Nos
  • IQF Machine: 200 kg/hr
  • Blast Freezer: 2 x 10 MT/8hr
  • Flake ice: 10 MT/day

HACCP Certified


RECP Certified

GOLDEN SEA Cold storage Services Co.,Ltd

No.3(D1), U Tun Nyo Street, Ward (9), Hlaing Thar Yar Ind., Zone (6), Hlaing Thar Yar Township, Yangon , Myanmar.

Tel: 01-3684199, 01-3684350.

Fax: 01- 3684200.

Email : goldensea@decolandgroup.com

Website : www.decolandgroup.com

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