Best choice for Paper Product manufacturing.


Our objective is to create value for our customers and to bring competitive advantage to their products’ branding activities. We offer a full range or printing services from printing brochures, letterhead, posters, booklet, etc. to customizing disposable items, and packaging material for your products to stand out in the market.

Our Client Include :

  • AYA Bank
  • AYA Myanmar Insurance
  • Myanmar Apex Bank
  • Dulwich College Yangon
  • Acacia Tea Salon
  • Parisian
  • Win Food Industries
  • Lotteria Myanmar
  • JCGV Cinema
  • Forward Media Group
  • City Mart Holding Co. Ltd
  • Beauty Waves Co., Ltd
  • Coffee Win Co., Ltd
  • Genius Industrial Supply Co., Ltd
  • Myanmar Deco-TBSP Special Products
  • Main Label

Disposable Items

Disposable items such as paper cups and paper lunch boxes are cost-effective way to advertise when you are building your brand. Our disposable items are durable and are completely disposable and economical. Disposable items are now widely used in most restaurants, coffee shops, schools, offices and events. Customers’ can choose from a wide variety of sizes and we provide one stop service from printing to finished products.

Printing Services

We specialize in all types of mass custom production printing services from basic full color printing to other process services such as die cutting, folding and hot stamping.  We listen to customers’ requirement and provide the best quality products and customer service for our customers.

We divided our printing processes to two and they are: Commercial Printing and Process Services. The following are the printing processes we provide here at our factory.

Packaging Services

Whether your product is first seen in store, or delivered in mail, customers’ first impression of your product’s packaging is very important. We provide one stop service from printing to high quality customized packaging for your products. Customers are able to choose from different sizes and packaging design. We are dedicated to provide the best customer service and high quality customized products for our customers.